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What to do With Bedrooms While Your House is on the Market

If you plan on living in your home while it is on the market, there isn't much you can do with the bedrooms that house the members of your household. Bedrooms are personal spaces that are often filled with personal tastes and touches. Eliminating your personality entirely from these spaces is next to impossible. It's also unnecessary. Interested home buyers know that your bedroom is your private domain. They will make allowances for a lived-in appearance, especially if the walk-through takes place on short notice. There are, however, a few things to consider for the bedrooms in your home. Making some subtle changes to bedroom décor and organization will improve the overall appearance of your home and entice buyers to make a decision.

Keep it Neutral

Keep the bedrooms in your home as neutral as possible. A teenager may love the splash of electric green on the wall or you may be quite attached to your dramatic floral-print wallpaper, but it's impossible to anticipate the personal preferences of the Newton consumers who will be touring your house. The goal is to help interested buyers envision themselves living in the space you are currently occupying. Choose neutral bedding and wall colors, and accent this neutrality with a few, simple décor items.

Guest Bedrooms

Turn a bedroom or spare room into a furnished guest bedroom. You don't have to spend a fortune to accomplish this. A secondhand bed with a coat of paint, a simple chest of drawers, and a few tasteful wall hangings are all that's necessary to create the illusion of extra space. Interested home buyers will love the thought of having a guest bedroom and increase the value of your Newton home.

Alternative Uses for Bedrooms

Turning a bedroom into an office or recreational room is another way to show interested home buyers the functionality of the space. It's easy to imagine an office as a second bedroom, but it can be difficult for buyers to imagine a bedroom being used for a different purpose. If you have multiple bedrooms, try expanding the purpose boundaries with one of the spares.

Kids Bedrooms

Kids' bedrooms are fine for an open house, but you should tone down the décor and keep these rooms as clean as possible. You don't want a home buyer with no children to feel that he or she cannot use a space. Remove clutter and emphasize the space itself, rather than the purpose for which the space is being used.

These hints along with a well thought-out staging plan will bring you more money for your home. Buyers in Newton are savvy, so your home needs to stand out as a true home rather than just a piece of real estate.

  Sandra Siciliano with Dwell360 is a REALTOR® who services the cities and suburbs of metro Boston. She is focused on her customers and her experience in the residential real estate market is extensive. Search for homes in Massachusetts and then give Sandra a call.